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About Bonafide Academy...

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Score A i-Teacher Programme

The key to accomplish good grades is Output Learning™ - the ability to retrieve and apply what you have studied or learnt. Many students do only Input Learning - reading, studying, memorising & listening are only Input Learning - that is why students get average marks.

To excel, your children need Output Learning™. Discover how we coach your children using Output Learning™ techniques.

We have invested four years of research and development into this ultimate Output Learning™ tool that has been carefully designed to be in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.

We will help and guide your children to - BE EXAM READY & SCORE A's and endeavour the impossible to improve their work. Practice makes perfect. The will to succeed is important but what's even more important is... the will to prepare. Come examination day, your children will sail through the challenge with confidence and Score A's.

What is output learning?Attending classes in school, listen and absorb what teachers teach in class is a form input learning.
Output learning is when the student learns by self testing what he has learnt in class. Answering questions and exercises improve the memories. The classic way of output learning is by exercise books or questionnaires.

Why output learning by the book is inneficient?
  1. Have to self check and mark the answers manually.
  2. Cannot repeat question (questions have marking).
  3. No timing (or self timing – need discipline).
  4. Too many books but yet too limited questions.
  5. Not interactive – get bored easily.
  6. Books are expensive and less likely to be reuse.
Imagine all the questions in the books are loaded in one single system and made available online and interactive. The answer is SCORE A Program.
  • The first in web education in Malaysia (established in 1999), 4 years of R&D with RM4.5 million worth of system development.
  • Launch in 2002 for 14 ‘Sekolah Bistari’ for free. Endorsed by Ministry of Education.
    Result : 90% of student scores straight As.
  • 300,000 student enrolled and counting.
  • Supported by ‘Majlis Permuafakatan PIBG Kebangsaan’
  • Launch for nationwide by YB Dato Sri ‘ Hishammuddin Tun Hussein in 2006.
  • SPM Level launched by Deputy Prime Minister Malaysia, Y.A.B. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on 27-Jun-2009 at PWTC.

Thousands of questions by topic from each subjects has been loaded in eTopics. The topics are 100 % according to the syllabus of Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Student learn by answering multiple questions, with guided auto detect answer realtime. eNotes related to the particular question accessible with one click

Instant Marking
Answers are checked as soon as the students click on the answers. Instant marking makes learning fast. Therefore, students are able to identify their mistakes instantly. Other than that, students are also encouraged with motivational words.


Carefully designed to allow your children do exercises as often as they want and provides instant Output Learning to assess your children's understanding of a particular subject taught in school. Your children can select a subject at any one time and instantly find out if they have understood what they have learnt and review their understanding of that subject. As parents, you will then be able to identify your child's strength and weaknesses so that timely measures can be taken to correct any shortcomings before the actual examinations.

eTrial Exam™

eTrial Exam module is designed to simulate actual exam environment for UPSR, PMR and SPM. It further enhance your children’s exam readiness. 
This module will help your children condition themselves to the pressure of completing the exam in a specific amount of time allocated according to Examination Board's Standards. 
eTrial Exam™ was designed like an actual exam and the student will have to submit it for correction or grading after they have completed it. The grading is instant. 
This module thus help and conditioned students to be confident, exam ready and score A’s.


eDictionary is linked to the world’s biggest online bookstore, Just double click and the explanation of a particular words will be done in Bahasa Malaysia – English – Mandarin.

ePast Year Exam™

Allows students sitting for national examinations to practice on actual past years’ examination papers. These areactual UPSR, PMR and SPMexamination papers set by the Ministry of Education and is made possible through our affiliationship with Cerdik Publications Sdn Bhd, who has been given theexclusive rights by the Ministry of Education to publish and distribute past years’ examination papers. Each exam paper is set exactly the same as the actual examination paper format and students have the options to select questions either by “year” or by “random” and have to complete all exercises within the time allocated. This exclusive and invaluable feature allows students countless examination practices thus helps and condition students to be exam ready and Score A's in the real examinations


A monitoring chart that allows parents keep track of their children’s performances on eTopic. This feature is an effective monitoring tool that is designed to keep parents informed of their children’s work schedule, ensuring parents that their children eTopic exercises are done and completed accordingly. Parents would be updated on the number of attempts their children has done on each topic, thus specifically highlighting the “difficult topics” faced by their children. This information will help parents identify specific topics in a subject that their children have difficulties in, instead of generalising and categorising weaknesses by subjects.


Notes are efficiently prepared by expert teachers in the format of mind-maps, point, and graphical forms. It is easier to understand, interesting, and interactive. The notes are straight to the point and can be printed out for revision purposes.

eReport Card™ (and SMS)

A MUST HAVE feature for any concerned parents. It records all your children’s output learning sessions, be it eAssessment or eTrial Exam. This feature gives parents unprecedented 1st hand knowledge of their children’s strong and weak subjects. It records and displays your children’s average scores for each subject for that month. You can also check on previous months’ results to compare the difference. Click on “More” & it will display the actual score of each output learning exercises. Furthermore, the eReport Card™ records the last 10 completed eAssessment™ or eTrial Exam™ to give you a review of their performances & identify weakness so that timely measures can be taken to correct whatever deficiency before the actual exam takes place.

Nationwide Honors Roll 

Students are ranked according to their performance and compete with nationwide Score A programme users. In addition, the best students will be awarded.

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